Salam Dakkak

Teaches Levantine
Home Cooking

The “Best Female Chef in MENA” teaches you the secret recipes of her Michelin award winning restaurant
“Bait Maryam”

Salam Dakkak

Teaches Levantine Home Cooking

The “Best Female Chef in MENA” teaches you the secret recipes of her Michelin award winning restaurant “Bait Maryam”

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14 Chapters | 02 h 05 m

1. Introduction

Two-time Michelin award winner Chef Salam Dakkak welcomes you to her class. Chef Salam touches upon the diversity in the Levant and how it translates directly to the region’s culture and cuisine. She shares her philosophy and approach to cooking, what food means to her and why it is a significant part of her identity.

2. Mezze Staples I: Hummus

We all know and love hummus, Salam walks you through her personal recipe for regular hummus and shows you two more of her favorite hummus recipes: Hummus bel Da’a El Falastiniya and Hummus bel Lahme.

3. Mezze Staples II: Khebbayze

Khebbayze is the gift that keeps on giving. It has countless health benefits and it’s a simple recipe that doesn’t require a lot of skills, tools or ingredients.

4. Mezze Staples III: Kabkoube

Chef Salam’s own twist on the traditional Kebbe. Discover how this unique recipe came about and how it can complement your Mezze spread.

5. Eat Your Greens: Fattoush & Maryam Salad

Fattoush is one of the Levant’s most famous salads and it is prepared in different ways across the region. Chef Salam Dakkak also introduces you to a salad inspired by her mother, the Maryam Salad, which features beetroot complimented by a yogurt dressing.

6. Msakhan

Msakhan is considered the national dish of Palestine, it has traveled the region and has evolved through the years. Chef Salam Dakkak takes you back to the traditional way of preparing Msakhan while touching upon the importance of Sumac in this recipe.

7. Kafta Bel Laban

In this lesson, Chef Salam shows you her own twist on the famous Kafta Bel Laban featuring yogurt, egyptian rice, mint, pine nuts and garlic.

8. Kafta Banadoura

Tomatoes and Kafta are a match made in heaven. Discover Chef Salam’s personal recipe for this staple dish.

9. Getting Creative with Leftovers I: Fattit Msakhan &Msakhan Rolls

Chef Salam doesn’t believe in wasting food, in this Chapter she teaches you simple ways to transform leftovers into different recipes. Using leftovers from her Msakhan dish, she makes Fattit Msakhan, while touching upon the importance of fatteh in our cuisine and how it came about. She also shows you the simplest way to prepare Msakhan Rolls.

10. Getting Creative with Leftovers II: Arayes Kafta

Chef Salam shows you how to transform your leftover Kafta into Arayes Kafta. Arayes are quick and easy to make and are a great snack, side dish or meal.

11. Forgotten Recipies From Our Ancestors

Recipes and dishes can be forgotten through the years because of the emergence of new cuisine, land dispossession, immigration or lack of access to specific ingredients. One way to remain attached to your culture, to your identity is to replicate the food of your parents, of your ancestors, wherever you are. Chef salam introduces you to two forgotten dishes that are very close to her heart: Rummaniyeh and Mhawaj.

12. Cater to Your Sweet Tooth I: Mohalabiye & Maryam Hala

No meal is complete without a dessert, discover how to make the famous Mohalabiye and how you can transform it into a second dessert inspired by the French mille-feuille and crème pâtissière.

13. Cater to Your Sweet Tooth II: Mabrouchet Tamer

Dates occupy a prominent place in the Levant’s culture, they’re also an important source of energy. Chef Salam Dakkak shows you how to make the famous Mabrouchet Tamer.

14. Final Thoughts

Salam wraps up her class by stressing on the importance of heritage and culture and encourages you to hold on to it and keep it alive through your cooking.

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