Kosai Khauli

Teaches Acting

Learn the fundamentals of acting and expression from one of the biggest names in the Arab World.

Kosai Khauli

Teaches Acting

Learn the fundamentals of acting and expression from one of the biggest names in the Arab World.

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17 Chapters | 02 h 18 m

1. The Talent

Kosai Khauli takes you into the world of acting. A 25-year journey, with secrets through various roles, emotions, and characters. Dive into the heart of the acting craft.

2. Beginnings

Kosai shares stories of his early career. Learn from his unique path, diverting from law student to actor, and discover how to defy cultural norms and follow your true calling and passion.

3. Guiding Principles

Navigate the demanding path of building your career with Kosai. Embrace hard work, humility, and courage and learn how to differentiate between confidence and arrogance.

4. Getting to Know Your Character I: Create a Whole Life

Learn how to sculpt an entire life for your character. Kosai discusses the importance of understanding a character’s upbringing, relationships, and their psyche and how you can turn words on a page into living, breathing characters.

5. Getting to Know Your Character II

Explore the complex interplay of a character’s wants and needs in acting, how you can craft specific behaviors and mannerism for your characters and why this results in a more authentic performance.

6. Getting to Know Your Character III: Research

Kosai presents his methodical approach to character research. Discover how to create a detailed character dossier and use real-life experiences to bring authenticity to your roles, avoid clichés and stereotypes, and create nuanced, realistic characters.

7. Finding Your Character's Voice

Discover how Kosai uses his voice to breathe life into his characters. Understand the power of vocal nuances in reflecting complex emotional landscapes.

8. Dialects

Kosai takes you through the importance of mastering dialects, and breaks down his process when working on a new dialect. Learn the importance of dialects in the region and how them can make each character authentically resonate to a wide audience.

9. Anatomy of a Scene I: Breaking Down a Script

In this chapter Kosai invites two actors to demonstrate the intricate process of breaking down a script and how it can help you understand every layer and nuance of its characters.

10. Anatomy of a Scene II: Developing the Characters

Kosai reveals how actors use subtle body language and mannerisms to express their characters’ internal struggles and the shifting power dynamics in relationships.

11. Context and Internal Monologue

Learn how to articulate the unspoken thoughts and emotions driving a character’s actions. This chapter offers a unique insight into how actors prepare for complex roles, demonstrating the importance of internal dialogue in shaping performances.

12. Story Within a Story

Join the actors as they navigate a layered script and show you how you can efficiently master telling a story within a story. Learn how an actor can project themselves into the story they are telling and how your imagination can help you get there.

13. Action and Reaction

Understand the importance of listening, reacting, and adapting to changing dynamics through the evolution of a dialogue-driven scene.

14. Mastering a Monologue

Master your monologues with Kosai’s guidance. This chapter offers valuable lessons in using body language, voice, and eye contact. Discover how you can create a performance that evolves and keeps building tension before the final release. Learn how subtlety and silence can be powerful tools, a must-learn for actors and anyone seeking to communicate emotions effectively.

15. Subtext

In this chapter, Kosai explains the importance of subtext and how reading between the lines can take your performance to the next level.

16. Climax

This chapter focuses on the gradual buildup of emotions and tension, essential in creating a climactic scene. Kosai navigates through on-set challenges, demonstrating how actors can effectively channel their natural responses to enhance their performance.

17. Final Thoughts

Kosai wraps up by leaving you with a profound thought: “You’ve chosen the richest profession in the world.” Embrace his final words on this journey, where every character enriches your story, and each role, big or small, contributes to your growth as an actor and as a person.

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