Teaches Music and Performance

For the first time ever – Ragheb Alama teaches a class on how to pursue a career in music based on his 40 years of experience in the industry.


Teaches Music and Performance

For the first time ever – Ragheb Alama teaches a class on how to pursue a career in music based on his 40 years of experience in the industry.

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14 Chapters | 02 h 30 m

1. The Talent

Meet your instructor: Ragheb Alama, acclaimed singer and performer with 40 years of experience in the music industry. Ragheb touches upon his journey to success and welcomes you to his class. He shares an overview of what he’ll teach you, including listening to your inner voice, self-expression through singing, working with lyrics, creating and developing a melody and what makes a successful performance.

2. Answer the Call

Ragheb discusses his early days as an aspiring singer, how you can use music as an escape and a weapon through difficult times and why it’s important to always choose passion and never lose sight of your goals.

3. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Preparation and discipline are huge pillars of what makes a successful artist. Ragheb shares tips on how you can prepare for a performance and how to make discipline a top priority.

4. Creating Against All Odds

Ragheb describes the challenging landscape he found himself in during his early career. He draws from past experiences to discuss rising above challenges and continuing to find the will to create through conflict and difficult times.

5. Half of Singing is Listening

In this lesson, Ragheb delves into the importance of identifying your idols and how you can learn from them and use them as a source of inspiration. Listening to as many genres of music as you can is vital, even genres that are far from your own. He stresses on the difference between borrowing and stealing and how to make sure to take it all in but always go back to you.

6. Tell a Story

Any artist is a storyteller, building your song around a story makes it resonate more with your audience. In this lesson, Ragheb explains why he prefers to always have a story at the core of his songs. He also explains why you should work on pronunciation, eloquent wording and flow and how taking some distance from a piece should always be a core step in your creative process.

7. The World of Maqamat

Maqamat are the foundation of Oriental music. Ragheb explains how you can use each Maqam to convey the feeling and sound you want to put forth.

8. Your Voice Part One

Understanding and defining your vocal range is key. Your vocal chords are like any muscle, you must warm them up before any performance.

9. Your Voice Part Two

Your voice is an instrument, learn to protect it and maintain it. Ragheb walks you through his protocol for maintaining his voice and the big part diction plays in singing.

10. Rhythm and Tempo. Case Study: Nassini al Donya (and others)

In this live session, Ragheb demonstrates how rhythm and tempo affect the way a song is built and perceived. He deconstructs ‘Nassini El Donya’s’ tempo and experiments with different ways to manipulate it.

11. Musical Language and Communication. Case Study: Nassini El Donya (and others)

Ragheb demonstrates how you can build powerful and effective communication with your musicians and how each of them plays a role in conveying the emotion behind your song.

12. Performing Live

A successful performance is dependent on many factors. In this lesson, Ragheb focuses on how you can build an effective, creative and healthy workflow with your band and stresses on the importance of respecting, engaging and listening to your audience and how you make them feel like they’re a part of your performance.

13. Consider Your Mental Health

Ragheb opens up about how a career in the music industry can take a toll on your mental health and shares his physical, mental and emotional practices to take care of himself and his art.

14. Conclusion

Ragheb wraps up his class with some final thoughts on his learning experience through his professional journey and parting words of advice.

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